Windows 10 Refresh & Reset Easily

Wait for the driver to be uninstalled completely before restarting your system. Audio drivers provided by the Realtek website are general drivers for our audio ICs, and may not offer the customizations made by your system/motherboard manufacturer. If you want to get the full customizations provided in your original audio product, you should download the latest drivers from your system/motherboard manufacturer’s website.

Your computer will be reset to the restore point you chose. Right-click the speaker icon in your taskbar. Yes, this might seem obvious to some of you. Yes, you might have already tried the troubleshooter.

If you find Windows 10 stuck in restart loops and within 15 minutes you don’t see the Automatic Repair option, it’s probably not going to happen. If Windows 10 is still stuck in a restart loop after unplugging peripherals and performing a hard reset, you can try to bypass the restart screen using the Function key. Previous Windows versions would need a full reinstall to resolve the restart loop. However, with Windows 10, you can quickly troubleshoot and fix an endless reboot loop plus any other problems you may be experiencing. After pressing Enter, the command will start adding the driver packages from the specified backup location back into the driver store.

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This can happen more frequently if you overclock the computer with an inadequate cooling system or if you’re in a very warm room. To monitor your temperatures, we highly recommend using the third-party software CPUID HWMonitor. This software will give you a real-time breakdown of the temperature and voltage for nearly every PC hardware component.

  • Now, right-click on Windows Audio and select Restart.
  • If there is a new driver, you will see an option to download it.
  • However, if you are using the registered version, you can update all outdated drivers at once by clicking the Update All button.

Finally, click the Uninstallbutton to delete the drivers completely from your Windows 10 PC. You should have fewer hiccups now that you know how to reset your Windows 10 PC. And if you’re planning on selling or giving your laptop away, you can do it with peace in mind that the next owner won’t have access to your files. Here’s how to reset your PC in Windows 10 using the settings menu.

Restore your Windows PC  Sound Driver with Device manager

Once in Clean Boot State, you need to manually locate the offender and then disable or remove that process or program. Then choose the relevant driver and right-click on it. Restart the computer and see if you can play both music and video. Click on Apply and Ok buttons to save the changes made. Double click on the same service and launch the Properties window.

Windows will now identify any issues with the device or configured settings and fix them. Instructions will be displayed once the errors are found, so make sure to follow them carefully. Any computer that functions properly must have crystal-clear audio. With the popularity of video streaming apps, we require great audio quality now more than ever. However, there are some difficulties that might cause Windows 11’s audio output to fail.

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